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Church of Cash

Friday November 29 at 8 PM ...details to follow

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DUO Blues

Sunday September 15, 3 PM -- DUO Blues with Cisco HERZHAFT and Geneviève DARTEVELLE
The blues in all its variety, authentic, dynamic, acoustic or electro-acoustic.
The duo will take you on a dynamic and didactic musical journey through American
blues and roots music, wrapped in hilarious anecdotes.
The Duo Cisco Herzhaft and Geneviève Dartevelle is an explosive duo with Cisco, the
doyen and undisputed reference in the French blues scene, a monument in his own
right, the indefatigable troubadour of the blues and fingerpicking specialist with
Geneviève Dartevelle, the first and only professional harmonica player in Belgium,
explosive, imaginative and indefatigable on the harmonica for almost 30 years! ...........
Cisco is equally adept at telling the history of the blues on stage, with many anecdotes
illustrated by his songs.
Cisco and Geneviève in duet, it's a musical adventure, an adventure on stage to be
discovered without reserve for the pleasure of your ears. If you want the blues, you'll get
the blues! Good time guaranteed to all !

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Eddie and Los Grasos

Saturday June 1 at 8 PM

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Rob and the Bulls

Wednesday 1 May 2024..... If I have to imagine the recipe for a "perfect" trio, the elements that cannot be missing are a solid rhythm section, a guitarist who leaves you in awe after every solo, and lyrics that tell stories.
You will find all of this in Rob And The Bull. Rob is precise and captivating on double bass, with a gentle voice, while Sandro has a groove that couldn't be more solid. If you add to this the sharp and virtuosic guitar of Albo, you'll understand that we are almost reaching perfection.
The music they play: direct and sincere American music, ranging from primal Rock and Roll to stripped-down rockabilly, without disregarding more country atmospheres.
With them, you can dance but also enjoy the show and their personal stories while sipping a beer in the MuziekMolen.

TICKETS in voorverkoop aan 15 euro €: Je betaalt 20 € en krijgt een drankbon van 5 € aan de kassa. Graag overschrijving van 20 € op rekening van Anne Van Vreckem BE64 4221 0556 4152 - vermelding BULLS

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Stoop Down

Saturday Jun 8 2024.....details to follow

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